My Process

STEP 1: Inspiration. Finding out what is meaningful for me to paint. 

Travels are imperative to my painting process. 

To experience the beauty of the land, it's ever-changing colours and weather. 

My paintings are as much about the Canadian landscape as they are about how I feel when I am there: happy and at peace. 

'If the earth was flat, I would be standing on the edge of it' and then, the painting begins. 

STEP 2: Painting. Figuring out  the painting recipe.

Starting with photos, the painting relies on an intuitive process of layering colour combinations, impasto, glazes and printmaking techniques in order to translate the energy of my experiences within the landscape. 



Road trip through Labrador, Lower North Shore and Côte-Nord, Quebec in 2021.


Mississauga, Ontario to Labrador, 19 days, ~6,000km. 

I made it to Labrador! 

In 2021 I finally went on a road trip to inland Labrador. From Mississauga, Ontario to Labrador, trip total ~6,000km.


The Trans-Labrador Hwy/Route 510 and Route 138 West ~1,790km from which over 500km was on a gravel road.



Road trip to Kegaska, Côte-Nord-du-Golfe-du-Saint-Laurent, Quebec in 2019. 


Iles de la Madeleine

Road trip to ​Îles-de-la-Madeleine, PEI, New Brunswick and Gaspé, Quebec in 2017. 

In the Studio

First layers are about being brave, taking chances. Most of the first layers will be covered but not lost.


They will add to the overall effect. They will, also, inspire me what to do next. 


Hopefully, the painting will do a full circle and I will come back to some of the energy, colours, shapes and lines from the early stages.